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To donate online using a credit card

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Faire un don maintenant par CanadaHelps.org!

Donations are processed through CanadaHelps.org, a registered charity that will direct your donation to Direct-MS. You will receive a tax receipt by e-mail immediately after donating. Thank you.

To donate by cheque

Please mail your cheque to

5119 Brockington Rd. NW
Calgary, AB, T2L 1R7

You will receive a notification and a tax receipt by regular mail.

Start a Grassroots Pledge Campaign

If you would like to start a grassroots pledge campaign on our behalf, you can download this pledge form. Upon completion, send the completed form to the addess below. We will send a tax receipt to all individuals who donated. Thank you for supporting MS research and information sharing!

Thank you for donating to DIRECT-MS

All of us at DIRECT-MS would be most appreciative of any size donation you wish to give. Your donation will help us achieve our main goals:

  1. Our highest priority right now is to fund a proper clinical trial which will test the effectiveness of venous angioplasty (CCSVI treatment) for reducing MS symptoms and disabilities. All non-directed donations in 2010 – 2012 will go towards this goal.
  2. To fund clinical research on the role of nutritional factors in the MS disease process and in the use of nutritional strategies for slowing or halting MS progression.
  3. To distribute and provide easy access to reliable, science-based information regarding the role of both CCSVI and nutritional factors in MS. Such information is all freely available and includes web-based literature and videos, hard copy booklets and public presentations.

We would like to note that 99% of your donation will be directed toward these goals. Our charity is volunteer-driven, and, because no salaries are paid, our administration and fund raising costs are less than 1% of our total expenditures. It is emphasized that all donations are tax deductible in Canada and USA and a tax receipt will be sent to you promptly

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