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Here is a list of some of our favourite websites for information on MS and related subjects. Most of them contain many links to other sites. There are thousands of MS sites and, for the dedicated surfer, a Google search will provide more links than you can ever click on.


Terry Wahls' interview on CBC
Doug Dirks talks to Dr. Terry Wahls on his show, the Homestretch, about a diet that she says can help not only MS patients but others suffering from autoimmune disorders.
This is our sister website which is home for The MS Diet Support Group for those using nutritional factors to control MS. It contains a wealth of information including many recipes. Includes the newsletter Chompin Chums. For anyone interested in nutrition and MS this is a must.
Betty's House...Life After MS
"To help all people with Multiple Sclerosis believe that they need not be a victim of MS, but rather that they can be a victor; that they can be 'enabled' by their MS rather than 'disabled,' and that the choice is up to them"
A site in New Zealand with lots of good recipes
Paul Jones' incredible site. The number of links to great sites is staggering. His encyclopedia and general explanations are terrific. The news page provides the latest information on MS. Do not miss this one!

This site has links to most of the important MS websites and is a great place to start surfing for MS information

Scientific Information
The number one site for scientific information on MS. It contains over 20,000 abstracts on MS from medical journals. Just plug in key words and search for any topic related to MS
A nice review of the basics of immunology
More detailed information on the immune system
A wonderful site which has tons of information on food allergy and disease and what you can do about it.

Paleolithic Diet

Website of Dr. Loren Cordain, author of

The Paleo Diet

. There are 24 downloadable papers on site, and an excellent FAQ page.
Don Wiss' popular and comprehensive site with a variety of information and links
The site that debunks the vegetarian diet and makes a strong argument for a Paleolithic regimen. A ton of important information.


The following three NIH sites offer some objective information on supplements

Personal Sites

There are very many, very well done personal sites and most offer useful information. Paul Jones and James Huggins have links to many of them (see above).
Stuart Schlossman’s comprehensive MS Views and News Site has something for everyone. This link takes you to the latest news in MS.

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre which is the publisher of the excellent MS magazine New Pathways A source of information on conventional and complimentary treatments.
The Myelin Project is searching for ways to regrow the myelin sheaths which are destroyed in MS.
Jean Sumption's site which grew like Topsy and is now perhaps the largest site for MS information.
The interesting site of the American Autoimmune-related Disease Association which looks at autoimmunity as a whole. Very conventional but still has useful information.
The site for alternative and complimentary medicine at NIH

Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab that provides a reliable ELISA blood allergy test as well as many other tests
Another laboratory that provides a reliable ELISA blood Allergy test.

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